Former AFL player Dermott Brereton has suggested that the hip injury which Gold Coast Suns defender Sam Day was a victim of on the weekend could be career-threatening.

The five-time premiership Hawk holds such negative expectations after he sustained a similar injury in 1991, which he says forced him to never feel the same and ruined his career.

With the years evolving, Brereton believes the updated technology of today could be of benefit to Day, with hopes it could allow the 24-year-old to find his best form when he eventually returns to the field.

“The hip injury ruined my career…I never felt the same again,” Brereton said on SEN’s The Run Home.

“Having said that, we’re talking 25 years ago so the technology as to how to treat this and how to repair it under surgery is through the roof.

“Mine was the first time they ever operated on that area for a footballer.

“I’d feel confident that he’ll come back, but being a big hip injury that I’ve got first-hand experience of, I feel for the lad. I would say there is no hope of him coming back this year.”

Now working with Fox Footy, Brereton also made a bold statement regarding another young Suns player. He now considers Tom Lynch as the best player in the AFL.

The former Hawthorn forward stated that he would select the 24-year-old over Lance Franklin if he had to start a team from scratch, with age and injury giving Lynch the upper-hand.

“Lynch is the best player in the comp,” Brereton said.

“If you gave me an open chequebook and said start a club, who do you want to buy first? Tom Lynch is my number one target.

“Bar none, the best player at your club to build around, it is Tom Lynch.”

Still at a young age, Lynch has plenty of improvement to grow and excel as one of the game’s best forwards. Lynch’s work ethic is huge and his potential is sky-high, and this, according to Brereton, is why he regards him as the best player in the league.

“He is extraordinary. He took the most contested marks last year in a team which was in the bottom four and they kicked it into the forward line like puff bags, they were hopeless,” He explained.

“He works the hardest out of every key forward, he has the best hands. He is a bit robotic in his kicking nature but he runs hard, works hard, he’s aggressive and just marks anything above head height in his area.”

The Suns came away victorious on Sunday after they defeated the Brisbane Lions by 24 points in the first round of the JLT Community Series. They’ll take the field again next Sunday at Harrup Park against the Bombers.