If there is one area on the field that the Crows will be caught out this year it’s the midfield. They’ve lost Jarryd Lyons to the Gold Coast and tried hard to land Bryce Gibbs from Carlton, so their intent to bolster its midfield brigade was very noticeable. As a result, the Crows were left to stock up on youngsters through the draft, and they look to have picked up an absolute gem in Jordan Galluci. 
This is where their depth is tested, the talent is there but the sole asset the Crows would love to have is depth throughout its whole list, as without their first-choice players on the park they could be left quite vulnerable.

At home they are almost unbeatable as proven last season, so you could almost book them in for at least 12 wins straight off the bat, with still another half-season to pick up the four points every now and then.

For Adelaide not to make the finals in 2017, too many people are hoping for their depth to be tested via injuries, but on talent alone, this team still possesses one of the damaging forward lines in the competition. The Crows scored more than 100 points in total more than the next best team last season, and scored 600 more points than the reigning premiers.

Do they improve on paper? Not really, but this should not tamper any expectations. The Crows have remained under the radar in the off-season and with another year under Don Pyle this is a team which will flourish together even further.

Round 1 lineup:

FB: Rory Laird. Daniel Talia. Luke Brown

HB: Brodie Smith. Kyle Hartigan. Jake Lever

C: Rory Atkins. Rory Sloane. Matt Crouch

HF: Tom Lynch. Taylor Walker. Charlie Cameron

FF: Eddie Betts. Josh Jenkins. Mitch McGovern

FOL: Sam Jacobs. Richard Douglas. Scott Thompson

INT: Kyle Cheney. Brad Crouch. David Mackay. Wayne Milera

The Crows should head into the season with quite a balanced lineup. Their forward line will be difficult for any defence to match up on, while their defenders have a good mix of being able to nullify their opponents as well as attacking on transition when need be.

As noted before, the midfield is the area they can and will be beaten during the year, but similar to last season, the half-back flankers in Smith, Laird, Atkins and even Seedsman when he gets a game will be the ones driving the ball forward on most occasions.

Expect to see the Crows as a prominent side in September.